Dilemma Apps Battleships visual

Quick-fire, addictive, and fun - all of these words describe the popular game of Battleships, which as a pen and paper game has been around for over 100 years now.

Due to customer requests, Dilemma Apps has produced one of the finest interactive versions of this game for you to download and enjoy wherever you are.

Our design is not too far away from what Clifford Von Wickler came up with in the early 1900s. Using logic alone, work out where each of the ships in the fleet has been hidden. The numbers to the left of or above the grid indicate how many ship parts are in each of the rows or columns.

This app contains 12 FREE puzzles and additional packs of 100 can be purchased.

Battle-Ships Extreme

We have created an iPad specific version that has a larger grid and is more challenging.

Its now available on the App Store.